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      1.1 What is a custom dining table protector?

      A customised dining table protector is a type of tablecloth that protects your dining table against moisture, stains, bumps and scratches. Often, dining table protectors are transparent to allow your table to continue being a part of the interior. There are dining table protectors made of soft vinyl, PVC foam and flannel fabric, and any overhang on your table depends on the thickness of the dining table protector.

      1.2 What is the ideal thickness of a custom dining table protector?

      The ideal thickness of a dining table protector depends mainly on the usage. Dining table protectors are available from thin (0.5mm) to thick (2.2mm). The big advantage of a thin custom dining table protector is that it stops liquids and stains, but it is often cut with overhang. A thicker custom dining table protector on the other hand is precisely tailored for the table without overhang. A thick transparent dining table protector is normally placed on the table like a thin mat. It does not only protect your dining table against moisture and stains, but also against scratches and bumps, and it is virtually invisible because it does not have overhang.

      1.3 What are the ideal dimensions for a custom dining table protector?

      Of course, the ideal dimensions depend on your table and the type of material you want. The maximum width of each material is:

      • Glossy transparent table protector: 170cm

      • Matte transparent table protector: 120cm

      • PVC foam: 140cm

      • Table molton:  200cm

      • Gastro: 170cm

      Most dining table protectors are placed on your table without overhang. An overhang of 15cm to 25cm is ideal for the thin dining table protectors which are 0.5mm in thickness. That means that you can add about 30cm to 50cm in both width and length. The other dining table protectors are cut to the exact size of the table, however, shrinkage of the material must be taken into account.

      1.4 What is the best way of storing my dining table protector?

      The best way of storing your dining table protector is by rolling it up and then storing it in a dark, dust-free environment. This way there are no ugly folds in the dining table protector and the colour does not deteriorate. Additionally, make sure that the dining table protector is in an impact-free place to prevent damage.

      1.5 What is the best way to maintain the custom dining table protector?

      To continue enjoying your custom dining table protector for as long as possible, there are a few things to keep in mind.

      • First of all, do not use abrasives or bleaches to clean the dining table protector. This could cause nasty bleach stains.

      • Stubborn stains such as from mustard, tomatoes, red beets, and curry could be absorbed by the dining table protector, which is why you should remove these stains with a damp cloth immediately after a meal.

      • If a stain cannot be removed, it might help to hang the table protector in the sun for a while. Even the most stubborn stains will often disappear at once.

      • You must also be careful with heavy and sharp objects. Something sharp might destroy the table protector and heavy objects can also leave an impression.

      1.6 Is the custom dining table protector also suitable for outdoor use?

      For sure! A custom vinyl dining table protector could also be used outside. All dining table protectors are water- resistant and stain resistant. This is why the dining table protectors offer excellent protection for a garden table, for example. However, custom dining table protectors are not specially made for outdoor use. Exposure to a lot of sunlight for an extended period, for example, could fade the colours of the custom dining table protector.

      1.7 Does the dining table protector have a certain smell?

      Dining table protectors might have a certain smell at the start. This odour will disappear after a few days, especially when you use the custom dining table protector in a well-ventilated area.

      1.8 How about the shrinkage effect of the dining table protector?

      Almost every product has a certain shrinkage effect. The experienced specialists of naturally take this into account. In principle, plastics are subject to eight to ten times greater thermal expansion than metals. This means that there can be a dimensional change due to moisture absorption, as well as dimensional changes due to the slow reduction of residual stresses and temperature in the longer term. In order to cut your table protector as best as possible to the size of your table, we have analyzed the shrinkage effect over the years. Through this analysis, we have determined a margin per product to absorb the shrinkage. As a result, we are still unable to give a 100% size guarantee, but we do try to get as close to this 100% as possible. From the moment of cutting up to 4 weeks after receipt, your table protector can shrink in length and expand in width. A circle can therefore distort slightly. Unfortunately, we have to test the patience of our customers and really ask to wait until these 4 weeks are up. If the size is still not correct, we ask you to contact our customer service to find a suitable solution together.

      1.9 Which materials are used for dining table protectors?

      All dining table protectors are made from European plastic that is free from harmful plasticisers or heavy metals. This makes the table protectors 100% safe in combination with food. They are also heat resistant.

      At you can order different materials such as:

      • Flexible transparent PVC

      • Smooth PVC foam with molton backing

      • Embossed PVC foam

      • Embossed PVC foam with anti-slip backing

      1.10 What is the difference between matte and glossy?

      Matte transparent dining table protectors are particularly suitable for glossy or glass tables. The glossy transparent dining table protectors on the other hand are mainly suitable for wooden tables. In addition, it also depends on your own taste and style what suits you best.

      1.11 What is the colour of the transparent dining table protectors?

      The dining table protectors are neutral in colour but can sometimes tend towards yellow or blue.

      1.12 How about impressions and printing on the dining table protector?

      When you have heavy objects on your table, an imprint can remain on your dining table protector. Magazines and newspapers can also leave prints, especially when the table is damp. In some cases, certain dyes also might leave an impression, so it is recommended to clean your dining table protector daily.

      1.13 What proves that you make high-quality dining table protectors?

      We supply the best quality dining table protectors you can find. First of all, we only use the best materials, and we only use the latest cutting techniques which give us the greatest precision. Our state-of-the-art digital cutting machines ensure not only that the table protectors fit perfectly, but also that the cut edges feel smooth. We guarantee you will get a flawless product for your table.

      1.14 Which shapes and finishes are possible?

      No shape is a challenge for us with our custom-made dining table protectors, no matter whether it is rectangular, round, oval or ellipse shaped. You could also opt for rounded corners, for example. Whatever your wishes are, we provide a perfect tailor-made dining table protector cut with precision.

      1.15 Can I leave my dining table protector on my table permanently?

      This is possible, but we recommend removal of the dining table protector regularly, especially on wooden tables for example. By doing this, the wood can breathe occasionally which ensures that your table remains in perfect condition for a long period of time. You could also choose to store your custom dining table protector after each use.

      1.16 Are all tables suitable for a table protector?

      Yes, almost all tables are suitable for a dining table protector.

      2.1 How can I pay?

      At you can pay securely with PayPal or credit card. You can also easily pay in instalments.

      3.1 How much are the shipping costs?

      Orders from €75 are delivered free of charge. For orders up to €75, the shipping costs are €5,99.

      3.2 What is the delivery time?

      When you order before 3pm on working days, we will ship your order to you the same day. This means that you will receive your custom dining table protector at home within 3 working days.

      3.3 Who delivers my order?

      All custom dining table protectors are delivered by DPD or UPS.

      4.1 Can I return the custom dining table protector?

      No, unfortunately this is not possible. All products are specially tailored for you in terms of size and chosen material, and unfortunately it cannot be used in any other way. It is therefore very important that you measure your table multiple times before providing us with your exact measurements to ensure that you have ordered the right sized product.

      4.2 My dining table protector does not fit, what now?

      We are sorry to hear this! Please check if the provided measurements are correct and then contact us.

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